Czech Republic Bans Fur Farms

Czech government officials voted 132 to 9 to ban the country’s fur farms by 2019. This bill will save about 20,000 minks and foxes every year from being caged in abusive conditions and killed by electrocution or gassing.


“This is a victory which proves that killing animals for fashion’s sake is no longer supported among the Czech politicians,” said Chamber Environment Committee chair Robin Böhnisch who proposed the legislation. “I am happy to see this barbarian practice end in the Czech Republic, and I hope that our legislators will set an example for their colleagues in other countries where fur farming bans are currently being discussed.”

With animal welfare and ethics spending more time in the spotlight, more and more countries are phasing out fur farms or are adopting stricter regulations that cause fur farms to close down.

Once the law goes into effect, the Czech Republic will join 12 other countries in banning fur farms. The United Kingdom was the first to take action in 2000 with Austria following in 2004. In 2012, the Netherlands, the EU’s second largest mink producer, passed a ban on fur farming and will phase out mink production completely by 2024.

Find out more about banning fur farming here.

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