Plant-Based Vending Machines to Pop up in San Francisco

Plant-based company leCupboard plans to install the first of 30 food vending machines in strategic locations throughout San Francisco over the next three months. The goal is that these interactive machines will help people fight disease with food.

vending machines

“The goal is to reconnect preventative healthcare with food,” said founder Lamiaâ Bounahmidi. “Everyone is going around talking about food as medicine, but there is more to it than going organic or eating vegetables.”

The vending machines will be stocked with options such as chia pudding breakfast jars, lentil salads with cashew cheese and pumpkin seeds, and zucchini noodles with walnut pesto, for approximately $8 per meal.

Bounahmidi hopes to spread plant-based vending machines across the country with 200 machines nationwide in the next year.


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