If you’ve recently ditched the animal products for a more compassionate and healthful vegan lifestyle, or even if you haven’t yet and you want to figure out what this whole “vegan” thing is all about, I’m glad you’re here. You came to the right place.

Hi, I’m Rachel! My passion is to share with you my experiences and the knowledge I’ve gained in the 3 years I’ve been vegan. My goal is for this to be a community where we all learn from each other, so share your successes and tips with me and we can grow together.

Reading about my victories (and failures) can guide your journey and help you make the best choices for YOU. So follow my blog to get alerts when I post new articles and join the party on social media!

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A little bit about me…

Veganism changed my life starting in 2015. My husband, James, and I made the transition together and not only did it improve our health, it transformed our life and the way we see the world.

I currently work a 9-to-5’er sitting at a desk all day in California. But I’ve got bigger dreams. Soon enough, we hope to be living in a humble Hawaiian home with ample land for mango trees (of course).



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  1. Hello! Great ‘about’ section. Am a vegetarian, thinking-only thinking at this point- about going vegan. Sooo many questions! Glad I came across your blog. Recentlt posted re vegan cheese/’gary’….its hilarious.


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  2. Rachel, thank you for visiting my blog and following it. Although my blog is not all vegan, I hope you’ll enjoy the vegan recipes. Lots of luck in your life changing journey and with the blog!

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  3. Sooo glad to hear that you went vegan, and your husband, how amazing and awesome!! Thank you for liking my post! My life has gotten so much better health wise since I have gone vegan…. which I can especially see in my blood tests! And the way I feel of course!! And I love knowing that I am helping the planet and the animals!!! Hugs to you!

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    1. Thank you! Yes, it’s such an amazing experience physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I haven’t gotten my blood tested but would love to do that one day. So happy that you’re living a healthy and compassionate vegan life. Looking forward to reading your content.


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