How to Respond to 6 Common Vegan Questions


As a vegan, you’re likely to get oodles of questions about your lifestyle. These questions can come from a place of curiosity, love, defense, or even judgment. And you’re bound to get some of the same questions many, many times.

Some of these questions can seem ridiculous and worthy of a snarky response. Before you unleash the sarcasm, put yourself in this questioner’s shoes.

If their coming from a place of curiosity or love, a compassionate and informative response could lead them that much closer to adopting the lifestyle themselves.

If the question is asked in defense or judgment, a well thought out, fact-based response will likely shift their perspective a bit, or at least put them in their place. They’ll see you have reasons and facts to support your actions and beliefs, which is better than a clever response that feeds the negativity.

I’ve compiled a list of questions vegans commonly get asked, and thoughtful, constructive responses to go along with them. Share in the comments the strangest question you’ve ever received about being vegan and how you responded.
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How to Get Rid of Acne Without Medication or Creams

It goes without saying that acne is annoying, embarrassing, and sometimes painful. It’s something most of us experience in high school and some of us are stuck with into adulthood.

Getting rid of acne is not done with a pill or an ointment. Those solutions are merely treating the problem. To clear up your acne once and for all, you need to get to the root cause.

If you look at a chart that outlines what causes acne in certain parts of the face, it’s clear that many of the causes are from organs directly affected by the food you put into your body (liver, stomach, colon, etc.).
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8 Vegan-Friendly Summer Activities Everyone Should Try

Summer is here and we’ve got the +90 degree weather to prove it. No matter how hot it is, summer has always been my favorite season and the time of year when I get that itch to get outside and play. I find that some of my favorite activities are those that allow me to connect deeper with nature, animals, or the vegan lifestyle.

If you’re looking for something new to do this weekend, try something from this vegan-friendly list and have some fun!
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23 Tips for a Happy, Healthy Life

  1. Get a great night’s sleep. Whether that means turning off technology a couple hours before bedtime, taking a hot bath, or even getting a new bed, do it. Good sleep is critical not only for productivity but also for allowing your body the time it needs to restore itself.
  2. Don’t skip the most important meal of the day. Having a clean, healthy breakfast will give you the energy you need to get your day started. Try a smoothie or oatmeal!
  3. Step away from your desk at least once every hour while working or studying. Take a quick walk around the office or have a light stretch a few minutes every hour.
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8 Yoga Poses for Abs that Anyone Can Do

The core is your body’s powerhouse, so strong abs are so much more than something to strive for in the summer. Powerful abdominal muscles support your everyday movements, improve your posture, and stabilize your lower back.

These poses may not be suitable for everyone depending on your your past injuries. Please listen to your body and back off when it tells you to.
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Vitamins and Minerals Vegans Need


Vitamins and minerals are essential for proper body function and development. While there is a lot of focus in the vegan world on macro-nutrients (carbohydrates, fats and proteins), these micro-nutrients deserve just as much attention.

I’ve compiled a list of some of the vitamins and minerals that vegans need to keep an eye on. It’s important to note that some of the items on this list should be addressed by all people no matter your diet.
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The Difference Between Vegan and Cruelty-Free


No animal ingredients or animal by-products


No animal testing on the end product or individual ingredients


When shopping for beauty, body care, or household cleaning products, you’ve probably noticed some logos on the packaging that all seem to be saying the same thing. What’s the difference between all those logos?

We’re going to cut out the confusion and clearly define what some of them mean so on your next shopping trip, you know exactly which products to grab.
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