What I Ate as a Vegan in Hawaii

In the land of papayas, apple bananas and pineapples, it’s a fruit lover’s paradise. There are so many options when eating vegan in Hawaii and I was lucky enough to eat my way around the Big Island for the past two weeks.

Even beyond fruit, you’re sure to find some of your favorite dishes and discover new ones. I snapped some shots of a few tasty meals to hopefully inspire you to whip up something new in the kitchen.

I know I’m fired up to try making some of these. That chia pudding is the first on my list! I had always been a little wary of it because of the texture but oh-my-gosh that stuff is amazing.

Exploring new recipes will help you discover delicious ingredients you may have been intimidated by in the past.

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8 Yoga Poses for Arms That Anyone Can Do

When you want to tone up your arms you can do countless push-ups or spend hours in the gym lifting weights. OR you can practice yoga and work the muscles in your arms and throughout your body at the same time!

On top of that, yoga gives you the stretching that’s so important yet many of us overlook when we pump iron. Below are eight yoga poses for arms that will build strength, tone muscle and stretch it all out to keep you limber. Continue reading “8 Yoga Poses for Arms That Anyone Can Do”

How to Eat Vegan on a Budget

There’s a common myth going around that the vegan diet is expensive. And while that is possible, the vegan diet can also be the cheapest diet out there. Knowing which foods to buy, where to shop, and what to avoid will make it easy for you to eat vegan on a budget.

Whether you’re a penny-pinching college student, a broke young professional, or you just want to watch your budget, you’ll be able to thrive on a vegan diet using these simple tips to save you money. Continue reading “How to Eat Vegan on a Budget”

How to Order Vegan at Any Restaurant

If there were ever a hard part about being vegan, it would probably have to be eating out. Not that dining out as a vegan is difficult, it just requires some planning and a little finesse.

And don’t worry, it’s rare that you’ll have a not-so-great vegan option. In fact, usually the vegan meal has even the non-vegans drooling!

So pack these tips in your back pocket to whip out any time you venture to a new restaurant and you’ll find it easy to eat vegan at any restaurant.
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Beginner’s Guide to Meditation: Six Tips to Start Meditating Today

Meditation calms the mind, releases stress and relaxes the body. It’s a great practice for everyone to take up, especially people like me who have an unreasonable amount of thoughts going on in their head at any given moment and tend to get anxious.

I recently discovered meditation after challenging myself to practice yoga every day for one month (I’m still doing it every day, too!). It seemed like a natural extension of yoga and a beneficial practice to explore.

If you’re looking to reduce stress, improve brain  function, become happier, increase your attention span, sleep better, increase self-awareness, or just live a healthier lifestyle, give meditation a try.

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How Much Protein Do You Really Need?

Protein. The most talked about, and most misunderstood macronutrient. Everyone is so worried about not getting enough protein but do we even know how much we need?

While this nutrient is imperative to health and proper body function, big companies have exaggerated our need for it, leading us to become a society obsessed with protein.

With this fixation, you’d think the majority of the calories we eat on a regular basis would come from protein. It’s actually much lower than you’d think. We’ll get into that later.

First, let’s discover how much protein the human body needs and why.
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One Month Yoga Challenge: What I Learned About Myself

31 days of yoga. No rest days. No lazy days. No excuses.

I mentally prepared myself as if I were going to boot camp. I do not like failing and I knew that by setting this challenge for myself, I would fully commit and give it all I had.
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How to Respond to 6 Common Vegan Questions


As a vegan, you’re likely to get oodles of questions about your lifestyle. These questions can come from a place of curiosity, love, defense, or even judgment. And you’re bound to get some of the same questions many, many times.

Some of these questions can seem ridiculous and worthy of a snarky response. Before you unleash the sarcasm, put yourself in this questioner’s shoes.

If they’re coming from a place of curiosity or love, a compassionate and informative response could lead them that much closer to adopting the lifestyle themselves.

If the question is asked in defense or judgment, a well thought out, fact-based response will likely shift their perspective a bit, or at least put them in their place. They’ll see you have reasons and facts to support your actions and beliefs, which is better than a clever response that feeds the negativity.

I’ve compiled a list of questions vegans commonly get asked, and thoughtful, constructive responses to go along with them. Share in the comments the strangest question you’ve ever received about being vegan and how you responded.
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How to Get Rid of Acne Without Medication or Creams

It goes without saying that acne is annoying, embarrassing, and sometimes painful. It’s something most of us experience in high school and some of us are stuck with into adulthood.

Getting rid of acne is not done with a pill or an ointment. Those solutions are merely treating the problem. To clear up your acne once and for all, you need to get to the root cause.

If you look at a chart that outlines what causes acne in certain parts of the face, it’s clear that many of the causes are from organs directly affected by the food you put into your body (liver, stomach, colon, etc.).
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8 Vegan-Friendly Summer Activities Everyone Should Try

Summer is here and we’ve got the +90 degree weather to prove it. No matter how hot it is, summer has always been my favorite season and the time of year when I get that itch to get outside and play. I find that some of my favorite activities are those that allow me to connect deeper with nature, animals, or the vegan lifestyle.

If you’re looking for something new to do this weekend, try something from this vegan-friendly list and have some fun!
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