How Going Vegan Changed My Body


There’s no question that any change in diet will positively or negatively affect the body. After going vegan, I experienced a lot of changes, and some I wasn’t even expecting!

Some of these changes happened right away and others have taken more time. Regardless, the body I live in now is exponentially healthier than the body I lived in two years ago. Continue reading “How Going Vegan Changed My Body”

Nutritional Yeast: What is it and why should you eat it?


As I discovered more and more vegan recipes, I kept seeing one ingredient that totally baffled me: nutritional yeast. I didn’t know what it was and I had never cooked with “yeast” before so whenever I saw that scary ingredient I would immediately move on to the next recipe.

I soon noticed that nutritional yeast was everywhere and I was now seeing my favorite vegan YouTubers using it. Seeing someone else use it made it a bit less scary. But still, what the heck was that yellow powder?!

So I did some research to get myself more familiar with it and thought I would share with you all. I’ve now started incorporating nutritional yeast into some of my dishes and love it! Trust me, once you learn about its cheesy flavor and health benefits, you’ll be adding it to all your dishes, too. Intrigued? Let’s dig in! Continue reading “Nutritional Yeast: What is it and why should you eat it?”

6 Life-Saving Tips for the Busy Vegan


We live a in a non-stop world that is constantly demanding something of us. Food is often the last thing on our minds until it’s 7pm and we realize we only had one Clif Bar to eat all day.

When you don’t have enough time to even think about food, how are you supposed to actually cook your meals and eat them? Incorporate these easy tips into your day and you’ll ensure you’re always full no matter what’s on the agenda for the day.
Continue reading “6 Life-Saving Tips for the Busy Vegan”

How to Make the Biggest Impact on the Environment


As Earth Day 2017 passes, I’m thinking about all the ways people across the world have pledged to help the environment. Some will plant trees or pick up trash. Others may ride their bike to work. It’s inspiring to see people willing to change their lives in a small way to help this planet we all live on. As you think about how you might pitch in, consider the one action that makes the largest impact.

Check out the infographic I made below to learn all about it. Continue reading “How to Make the Biggest Impact on the Environment”

8 Tips to Combat Anxiety



A feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.

18% of the U.S. population suffers from an anxiety disorder. You probably know someone who has one, maybe it’s you. In today’s fast-paced, competitive, and negative world, it’s no wonder so many of us are stressed out and anxious.

Anxiety follows me everywhere. I’m always thinking ahead of the moment I am in right now or dwelling on situations that shouldn’t get a second thought. I get irritable and snap at my poor husband for no reason. Even when relaxing on the couch, I am restless and can’t stop moving. James counted one time and I moved 12 times in a minute. Continue reading “8 Tips to Combat Anxiety”

What I’ve Learned After 2 Years of Veganism: Part 2


Thank you for joining me again this week as I share even more life-changing pieces of knowledge I’ve gained in the past two years that I’ve been vegan. I’m grateful that I’m able to share my experiences with you and am even more grateful that you are taking time out of your day to read. I’m in a very thankful mood today. As I write this, I have two cats on my lap and a smoothie on the ledge of a window that is open and letting the warm air in. I am content. Continue reading “What I’ve Learned After 2 Years of Veganism: Part 2”