Why I Went Vegan

It wasn’t ethics that brought me to veganism. I just needed a solution to my problems and I was willing to try anything. I was at the end of my rope. I couldn’t take the discomfort or the self-consciousness anymore.

On a daily basis I battled poor digestion, which led to stomach-aches and putrid gas and bowel movements. (and what are you supposed to do when you constantly need to pass gas at work in an office setting?) My face suffered too. Pimples covered my chin and forehead and were starting to spread to my cheeks. These were the large, painful pimples that looked like marbles under my skin. I was mortified.

Every solution I tried, failed. I became frustrated and discouraged. Until one day, my husband, James, mentioned veganism and told me to watch Freelee the Banana Girl’s YouTube videos. He told me about her before but something was different this time. This time I was in a frame of mind where I could receive what he was saying. I think that’s key: you can hear something a hundred times, but until you are ready for change and willing to accept help, you won’t hear the message.

So, what did I have to lose? Soon, I became consumed by Freelee’s videos and the knowledge she had to offer someone like me. I spent hours watching all of her videos starting at her very first upload. I was inspired and finally felt like there was a true solution to my problems.

It was April 2015. The month my life would change forever.

Before I cut out animal products, I ate chicken pretty frequently.  I rarely ate any other type of meat, maybe a turkey burger here and there. My biggest vice was dairy. Cheese and ice cream were the main culprits. There was no way I could give those up. Little did I know how easy it would be.

At this time, I was already having a smoothie for breakfast every day. It was (and still is) my favorite meal of the day. So I felt like I had a pretty good starting point. I began incorporating more fruits to replace my non-vegan lunch and then I focused on taking out the animal products from my dinners. It was a pretty fast transition from non-vegan to vegan because I had the motivation. I knew the sooner I went fully vegan, the sooner my body would be healed.

Below is an excerpt from a journal I kept during my transition to veganism. In this entry, I documented the ailments I fought and what I hoped to achieve through a vegan diet, so down the line I would remember where I came from.

I have a lot of issues with my body that I hope to heal by eating cleaner: my gas smells really bad, same with my poop; I get really bloated after I eat; I always have allergies and am full of mucous; my face breaks out; I get sick really easily; I’m always tired.

I want to protect my body from disease. I know that what I put in my body now will affect me positively or negatively in the future and I want to help my body as much as I can.

I want to connect more with God through food, the food He created for us. I want to eat as much God-made food as possible.

Thank you, hubby and Freelee, for inspiring a life change that would transform who I am as a human being.

What’s your “going vegan” story? Share in the comments.
Haven’t written your story yet? Voice any thoughts or questions and let’s get your vegan journey started.

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