Vegan Flag Seeks to Solidify Movement

The vegan movement now has an international flag. Designed by Gad Hakimi, an Israeli designer, the flag was created to solidify the global movement toward compassion.

With input from an international design team and the Vegan Flag Facebook group, the flag was designed with three triangles that form the letter V using blue, green and white, which represents sea, land, and air.
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Argentinian President Institutes Vegan Mondays

Argentina’s presidential cabinet has committed to eating only plant-based foods once a week in an effort to reduce the environmental impact of agriculture. Casa Rosada (the equivalent of the White House in the United States) announced they will be serving strictly vegan food on Mondays.
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Algae-Based Shoes Offer an Eco-Friendly Alternative


Eco-friendly algae-based shoes are hitting the market in July. VIVOBAREFOOT, a London-based footwear company, has partnered with BLOOM, a performance-based materials manufacturer in Mississippi, to create a lightweight adventure shoe that will clean the waterways and reduce the shoe industry’s carbon footprint.

The shoes are made from algae harvested from freshwater sources like lakes, rivers and pond around the world that are susceptible to algal blooms – aquatic formations that are dangerous to drinking water and wildlife.
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James Cameron to Release Vegan Documentary


Award-winning director and vegan environmentalist, James Cameron, is the executive producer of The Game Changers, a vegan documentary aimed at challenging the myth that humans need to eat meat in order to survive.

The film, which is set to release later this year, will “introduce the world to elite athletes, special ops soldiers, visionary scientists, cultural icons, and everyday heroes—each on a mission to create a seismic shift in the way we eat and live,” according to the film’s website.
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Denmark Politicians Go Vegan for Climate Change


With the goal of bringing attention to the environment and climate change, a group of Danish members of parliament have committed to taking a 22-day vegan challenge. Politicians from the Alternative and the Red-Green Alliance parties volunteered to take part in this challenge to highlight the destruction done to our planet by animal agriculture.

“Going vegan for 22 days is not going the save the world in itself, but it’s a great opportunity to put focus on Western consumption of animal products and the environmental and animal welfare problems it causes,” said Red-Green Alliance’s environmental secretary, Maria Gjerding.
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Obama Talks Climate Change & Eating Meat


Former U.S. President Barack Obama spoke at the Global Food Innovation Summit in Milan in his first foreign appearance since leaving the White House. He addressed the unquestionable connection between animal agriculture and climate change, among other topics

“I think people naturally understand that big smokestacks have pollution in them and they understand air pollution, so they can easily make the connection between energy production and the idea of greenhouse gases,” he said. “People aren’t as familiar with the impact of cows and methane, unless you’re a farmer.”
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How to Make the Biggest Impact on the Environment


As Earth Day 2017 passes, I’m thinking about all the ways people across the world have pledged to help the environment. Some will plant trees or pick up trash. Others may ride their bike to work. It’s inspiring to see people willing to change their lives in a small way to help this planet we all live on. As you think about how you might pitch in, consider the one action that makes the largest impact.

Check out the infographic I made below to learn all about it.
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